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    Does Europe prefer her sons over daughters? Adding the gender perspective to European memory

Does Europe prefer her sons over daughters? Adding the gender perspective to European memory

by Ana Milosevic

After the Second World War, European leaders had a plan to “Make Europe great again.” — and it worked. The EU brought peace, stability and economic prosperity to the continent. It all started with the signing of the Rome Treaty, 61 years ago when European founding fathers laid out the first bricks into the foundations of the EU.

European politicians […]

The EU and Gender Equality: better off in, or out?


by Ania Plomien

It is results day for the UK Referendum on membership of the European Union and I am on my way to Bucharest to give a talk on inequalities in contemporary Europe. Waiting to board the flight I catch fragments of speeches sprinkled with words like ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’, ‘generous’, ‘progressive’ and ‘European’. Condescending, as they are spoken by […]

Event Report: The European Institute for Gender Equality presents the Gender Equality Index

Measuring gender equality is not an easy task given different conceptions of what is to be measured and how. Composite indicators are one way in which to measure gender equality and several have been developed at the international level, but none of the existing ones provided an adequate tool for Member State comparisons at the EU level. The Gender Equality […]

November 7th, 2013|Development, Politics|1 Comment|

If Not Quotas, Then What?: the Forthcoming EU Proposal on Women Quotas in Boardrooms

Linnea Sandström Lange writes about the upcoming proposal in the EU Commission about women quotas on company boars and asks the question: if not quotas, then what? She tries to set the framework for the debate (held at the European Parliament in the UK on 19/10/2012) and poses the different arguments against each other. The European Commission is expected to […]

October 13th, 2012|Politics, Society|0 Comments|

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