The violent cartographies of violence- the imaginative rape geography of Congo

A few years ago if you’d asked me about Congo I wouldn’t have known very much about it. I knew where it was located on the world map… the geographical world map. As for the social, political, cultural, economical world map, I didn’t quite know where to place it. My interest in violence against women around the world, however, brought […]

Rape culture, Taylor Swift and silencing women who speak up

Friday nights are a sacred space. I enjoy coming home to do my laundry, tidy up my room…and shamelessly sing off pitched lyrics to ditties that are oddly reminiscent of my high school freshman diary while I simultaneously dance around in my running spankies and jump on top of my bed. Friday night is Taylor Swift ‘n Sing Karaoke Clean-up […]

Rape and the privileging of ignorance: consensuality vs. mutuality in understandings of sexual assault

A lot of people have been expressing a lot of opinions about what constitutes a woman’s experience of rape. A lot of these people do not have vaginas. Todd Akin, Missouri Senate candidate, claimed that “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”. More recently Wisconsin Republican representative Roger Rivard […]

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Rape and the Meaning of Consent

Harriet Gray, a PhD student at the Gender Institute, argues that we need a frank and open discussion about rape, and about the meaning of consent.      On August 19th, US congressman (and prospective senator) Todd Akin “misspoke” in a televised interview on August 19th, stating that pregnancy from rape is really rare because “If it’s a legitimate rape, […]

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OCCUPY LSXual Harrassment

Emily Miles is a MSc student in Gender, Development and Globalisation at the LSE. She has written on politics and gender issues for Bristol University’s newspaper The Epigram, as well as co-founding the University’s feminist magazine. As a political activist and participant in several protests over the past year, she reflects on how allegations of sexual harassment and rape on […]

December 5th, 2011|Politics|1 Comment|

Understanding Peacekeeper Sexual Violence

Paul Kirby is a PhD Student in the International Relations Department at LSE. In this post he discusses peacekeeper sexual violence in the context of wartime rape and militarised masculinities. Why do soldiers rape? When footage of peacekeepers from MINUSTAH, the UN mission in Haiti, gang-raping an 18-year old boy surfaced earlier this month, that question resurfaced with it. Official declarations have predictably […]

October 14th, 2011|Development, Politics|1 Comment|

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