Radical Feminist Conference 2012 – Radically Limited?

In this post, Sarah Burton explores the radical feminist stance of the RadFem 2012 conference organizers in relation to the term ‘women born women living as women’. She considers if indeed it is possible to neatly and clearly delineate the word ‘woman’ and argues that binary and static notions of identity categories obscures the real, tangible ways in which ordinary […]

Women born women?

This post was originally posted on the F-Word. In this post Helen G looks at the phrase ‘women born women’ following a lively debate surrounding the RadFem2012 conference organisers’ choice to limit the access to the conference to ‘women born women’. She problematises the phrase and shows how the focus on sex at birth as the determining factor for gender […]

May 24th, 2012|Society|3 Comments|

The Transmen Community is Still Overshadowed by Phallocentric Logic in Malaysia

Alicia Izharuddin asks why the transmen community in Malaysia is regularly marginalised and continues to be poorly understood even within liberal and activist circles. This article has been published collaboratively by LSE Equality and Diversity and LSE Engenderings blog to mark LGBT History Month. In several scenes from the recent but quickly forgotten Malaysian film, ‘Aku Bukan Tomboy’ (I’m Not a […]

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