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    Permalink Two of the new ‘Professors in Practice’, doing the thing that presumably got them the gig. Image credit Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-2.0.Gallery

    A measured response to criticisms of the LSE’s new appointments

A measured response to criticisms of the LSE’s new appointments

by Laura J. Shepherd   By way of homage to xkcd: This blog contains strong language, which may be unsuitable for children, and evidence-based arguments, which may be unsuitable for Trump supporters. Oh, and also, for those who care about these things: I am most definitely posting this in an independent capacity. My views reflect the views of neither of the […]

Sex and Development

Dr. Gwendolyn Beetham discusses some recent episodes of gendered power in global governance institutions, arguing that the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal and other well-publicized incidents should be seen less as unfortunate but separate incidents than as evidence for continuing structural inequalities. This summer was a lively one for those interested in the intersection of sex and development. The world’s media watched […]

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