January 2018

LSE Public Lecture. “Development Collective Know-how and Us”. January 29th, London.

  • Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard) will discuss the importance of collective know-how in technology diffusion and the need for cooperation in supporting the implementation of technology. Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE) will chair the event.


January-February 2018

4th Geography of Innovation Conference. January 31st-February 2nd, Barcelona.

  • Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE) and Alexander Jaax (LSE) are organising a special session on foreign investment, multinationals and innovation in advanced and emerging economies.
  • Frank Neffke (Harvard) will be a special speaker at the conference.
  • Roberto Ganau (LSE) will present his work in progress with Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE): “Make America innovative again and the ‘magic’ of foreign investment”.