Taking the pulse of social sciences and humanities research trends in Europe

In November 2010 the European Commission launched a website for the ‘Monitoring Emerging Trends on Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe (METRIS) project; a project aimed to support the European Research Area (ERA) by bringing to light the different structures, resources, and functioning of national funding in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). The website makes freely available country reports- which detail the number of researchers in SSH, share of graduates, the national context for funding, etc. for selected EU member states and other countries associated with associated with the EU Framework Programme. The reports, compiled by ‘national validators’ are meant to support both international collaboration and national decision-making around research.

For sample individual country reports please click below:

The Netherlands
The United Kingdom

Country reports for Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania,  Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain are also available and regularly updated on the main site, and custom reports can be created as well.

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