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    What 10 years of producing podcasts with social scientists has taught me

What 10 years of producing podcasts with social scientists has taught me

Last year, The Economist proclaimed the podcast had come of age. It’s never been easier to create, edit, and upload a podcast and an increasing number of academics are using it to showcase and share their research. Christine Garrington explains why podcasting is such a powerful and impactful tool for researchers, and also offers some pointers to those looking to start […]

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    By producing podcasts you can reach wider audiences, occupy your niche and create new items of research

By producing podcasts you can reach wider audiences, occupy your niche and create new items of research

The success of the Serial podcast, a true crime spin-off from the widely popular This American Life, has introduced new audiences to a modern form of broadcasting and inspired a new generation of producers. As part of a series previewing their new book Communicating Your Research with Social Media, Amy Mollett, Cheryl Brumley, Chris Gilson and Sierra Williams outline why […]

Podcast series Audible Impact launches today

Episode 1: Givers and Takers: The science of pro-social behaviour Adam Grant, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Wharton Business School, discusses his latest book “Give and Take: A revolutionary approach to success”. Adam tells us why ‘nice guys’ don’t necessarily finish last and what the 19th century chemist, Louis Pasteur, has to say about the impact of academic research.  Can’t see the […]

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The Simple Guide to Academic Podcasting: Know Your Audience and Your Schedule

Podcasts are rapidly becoming a regular feature of online research dissemination and university brand-building, so why do only a minority of academics use them to share their research? In the first of a three-part series, LSE Review of Books Digital Editor Cheryl Brumley demystifies academic podcasting, showing that it can be a labour of love or an inexpensive side-hobby, with […]

LSE Review of Books podcast series nominated for European Podcast Award

The LSE Review of Books podcast series has been nominated for a European Podcast Award, organised by the European Initiative Podcast Awards with the support of OLYMPUS. Cheryl Brumley, Managing Digital Editor for LSE PPG Blogs, discusses the origins of the Review’s podcast project and its potential for making impact. In April 2012, armed with little more than a pocket-sized microphone, a digital recorder, and the desire […]

Five minutes with Martin Zaltz Austwick: “Our Head of Department sees academic podcasting as a key component in our impact and communication strategy.”

The merits of academic blogging and tweeting have been discussed widely, but what about academic podcasting? Martin Zaltz Austwick shares his experiences and tips in this post, introducing us to the wonderful world of podcasting. All you need is a decent idea, a decent microphone, and you’re off!   At the beginning of November I ran a rather fun workshop in […]

Academic knowledge in the digital era: top 5 podcasts

Academic research and debate seems to be finding a new home online, visible in the growth of academic blogging, tweeting, and the use of open access archives. Amy Mollett recommends 5 podcasts and videocasts on the subject of academic knowledge in the digital era.

1. Podcast: Academic Blogging and the advent of Multi Author Blogging
Professor Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson, […]

Academic tweeting: building up your followers

Following the launch of the guide on using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities, we look at some ways that those new to Twitter can build up their followers. Collective accounts for departments, research projects, and multi-author blogs are the easiest to keep active because there is a constant stream of news and information to tweet about. It is perfectly […]

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Book Review: Unlocking the Gates: How and Why Leading Universities are Opening Access to Their Courses

Rachel Dearlove reviews Taylor Walsh’s guide to open courseware in higher education across America and the UK, which points towards a new model of more sustainable mass higher education. Unlocking the Ages: How and Why Leading Universities are Opening Access to Their Courses. Taylor Walsh. Princeton University Press. 2011 Find this book:  Google Books Amazon The phenomenon of ‘open courseware’ may seem […]

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Another cutting for our Impact Box…THE mention for LSE Impact Conference and Professor Stephen Curry

The Times Higher Education publication has this week generously given the LSE Impact Conference another mention… along with one of the star speakers Professor Stephen Curry.

In the ‘weekly transmissions from the blogosphere’ section, Professor Curry’s presentation at the Conference on Innovative Methods for Impact and Engagement is referenced.

Podcasts, presentations, photos and Twitter results all taken from the LSE Impact […]

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