Book Review: The Publish or Perish Book

Anne-Wil Harzing provides an excellent introduction to the complex world of article level citation data in the Publish or Perish Book. Dave Puplett, E-Services Manager at the Library of The London School of Economics, highly recommends Harzing’s book to any researcher who wishes to understand the growing field of citation analysis, and finds some useful tips on using citation software to evaluate other academics […]

Evidence from the latest BIS report indicates that international collaboration on articles boosts impact through citations and adds to the UK’s position as a ‘world-class’ research nation.

In October 2011 the UK Government commissioned a report on the UK’s research performance within the global field, the results of which affirmed the position of the UK as a leading research nation. LSE Impact Project researcher Dr Joan Wilson summarises the report’s conclusions on research outputs and the social sciences, and finds that international collaboration will have a larger role to […]

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