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The Great Development Discussion

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, MSc Development and Anthropology students were encouraged to join, participate and laugh in the Great Development Discussion. Professor Jean-Paul Faguet chaired this showdown between International Development and Anthropology professors. Proudly representing Development was our econometrics guru Dr Diana Weinhold, alongside the infamous Teddy Brett. From Anthropology were Professors Katy Gardner and Laura Bear. Msc Development Management Student Lucy White tells us how the […]

Why is nobody talking about prisons?

Alumnus and 2017 MSc Development Management graduate, Debora Zampier, investigates why the crises in prison management are neglected by state policy, and uses Brazil as a case study to offer alternative ways to approach the subject that takes authority, incentives and accountability (AIA) mechanisms into consideration.

This research has been summarised from her Master’s thesis, ‘Nobody’s fault’: investigating institutional causes of prisons’ mismanagment, which was […]

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    LSE Development Management Students Team Up with the IDB in Haiti

LSE Development Management Students Team Up with the IDB in Haiti

MSc Development Management students Ben Gebhardt, Sharon Sagues, Cristina Viladomiu and Gen Kawasaki, tell us about their trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where they researched the city’s creative sectors as a means of economic growth.

The research trip informed the group’s Development Management consultancy project with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). 

In the past couple of decades, the international development community has paid […]

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    Development Workshop – Can “Shock Therapy” Ever Be Justified?

Development Workshop – Can “Shock Therapy” Ever Be Justified?

MSc Development Management student, Aly Bryan, reflects on a recent development workshop led by Professor Jean-Paul Faguet who questions whether a “shock” to the fiscal system can lead to effective fiscal decentralisation. 

Whenever our illustrious Programme Director Professor. Jean-Paul Faguet speaks, we listen. Not because of a (possibly misguided) sense that everything he says is true, but because he challenges us to think […]

Claiming a Stake in Sustainability

Haisley Wert, MSc Development Management candidate, reflects on a recent public lecture from Michael La Cour, Managing Director of IKEA Food Services AB, about  the role and responsibility of corporations in addressing the challenges of the food system. 

Homage embraced the memory of IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, on the Tuesday evening lecture three days after his passing. Though his body had counted 91 years, […]

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    Summary of Workshop Series Week 5 – Sharing experiences from the field

Summary of Workshop Series Week 5 – Sharing experiences from the field

Student experience: The second Development Management Workshop encouraged students to share their experiences working for organisations in the field, and to question why the projects they worked on failed or were successful.

For the second session of the DV431 Workshop Series, Prof. E. A. (Teddy) Brett invited students to learn from each other’s experiences working for organisations (i.e. firms, government […]

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    Summary of Workshop Series Week 3 – Professor Michael Barzelay (Department of Management, LSE)

Summary of Workshop Series Week 3 – Professor Michael Barzelay (Department of Management, LSE)

Student experience: for the first session of the Development Management workshop series, Prof Michael Barzelay of the LSE’s Department of Management discussed how case studies can constitute a useful mechanism to share practical knowledge and experiences among practitioners in the field of international development. 

To begin the session, Prof Barzelay sought to stimulate the participants’ thinking on the nature of […]

Paving the Way for Transport Evaluation in Tanzania

Elisa Cascardi, MSc student in The Department of International Development, examines the potential to measure the impact of the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit System.

Rapid urbanization across Africa presents cities with both opportunities and challenges in transportation infrastructure; Sub-Saharan Africa sustains an annual urban growth rate at 3.5%, while Tanzania is urbanizing at a much higher rate of 5.8% […]

Corporate-NGO partnerships: innovative solutions

Development Management student Agnes Chew argues that innovative partnerships between corporates and NGOs can lead towards a sustainable future:

Our Status Quo

 The world as we know it today has seen tremendous economic and technological growth since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Yet, this unprecedented progress has been a double-edged sword. Not only has it given rise to increasing inequality […]

Student Experience: Big Data and the IDB

The Development Management consultancy experience gives students the opportunity to work with organisations in the real-world and on hot topics that have the potential to influence policy. As William Guicheney, Hope Kyarisiima, Louisa Tomar and Tinashe Zimani explain, their experience with the Inter-American Development Bank forced them to think less academically, and more practically.

The Development Management consultancy experience with the Inter-American […]