Above the Parapet

Anecdotal accounts of women in high-profile positions tell of the obstacles that they have faced in their journeys, the difficulties that they have had in getting heard, and the prices that they have paid for raising their heads Above the Parapet.

Whilst we know the numbers, we know little about the journeys made by women in public life. As such, those women who follow, and the men who are interested in a more balanced public space, cannot easily consider the lessons of those who went before.

Above the Parapet will draw upon interviews with leading politicians, diplomats, academics, and senior civil society representatives to gather this information, with work by visiting fellows further developing any emerging themes.

The project is led by Dr Purna Sen, Deputy Director of the LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs, whose work has focused on violence against women, culture and human rights, trafficking, sexuality and sexual control, human rights developments, civil society organising against violence, and social development issues and race equality in the United Kingdom.