Imagining One Nation Britain

The idea of a “One Nation” Britain originally belonged to the Conservative Party, originating with Benjamin Disraeli who saw Britain divided into two nations, the rich and the poor.

In his 2012 conference speech Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, redefined his party as “One Nation” Labour. In a period of economic crisis and with the loss of public trust in the ability of politicians to renew our institutions and elevate the condition of the people, who now speaks for One Nation?

Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister and the longest serving Chancellor of the Exchequer visited the IPA to launch our ‘Imagining One Nation Britain’ report. He talked about the importance of civic participation across the Union, and what would continue to hold the four nations; England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, together. He acknowledged the importance work of the ‘Imagining One Nation’ programme and highlighted that it had been developed at a critical juncture.

Please see below for audio podcasts of the events that formed a vital part of this research project.