This page brings together publications relating to the JSRP’s research work from 2012 onwards. In addition to books,  journal articles and reports, the programme publishes its own series of ‘JSRP Papers’ which includes the Theories in Practice papers arising from a collaborative project with The Asia Foundation.


JSRP Papers

JSRP Paper 13: Hybrid Systems of Conflict Management and Community-Level Efforts to Improve Local Security in Mindanao, Jeroen Adam, Boris Verbrugge, Dorien vanden Boer (March 2014)

JSRP Paper 12: Neutrality, Party Politics and Community Mediation in Central and West Terai, Nepal, Bert Suykens and Danielle Stein (March 2014)

JSRP Paper 12a: Land Disputes and Settlement Mechanisms in Nepal’s Terai, Danielle Stein and Bert Suykens (March 2014)

JSRP Paper 11: Practice Without Evidence: interrogating conflict resolution approaches and assumptions,  T. Carayannis, V. Bojicic-Dzelilovic, N. Olin, A. Rigterink and M. Schomerus (February 2014)

JSRP Paper 10: Women’s Experiences of Local Justice: community mediation in Sri LankaR. Jayasundere and C. Valters (January 2014)

JSRP Paper 9: Resources, Conflict and Governance: a critical review of the evidenceJ. Cuvelier, K. Vlassenroot and N. Olin (October 2013)

JSRP Paper 8: Climate Change and Conflict: a systematic evidence reviewT. Forsyth and M. Schomerus (September 2013)

JSRP Paper 7: Public Authority and the Provision of Public Goods in Conflict-affected and Transitioning RegionsK. Hoffmann and T. Kirk  (August 2013)

JSRP Paper 6: Local Understandings and Experiences of Transitional Justice : a review of the evidence, A. Macdonald (July 2013)

JSRP Paper 5: Community Mediation and Social Harmony in NepalD. Stein (May 2013)

JSRP Paper 4: Community Mediation and Social Harmony in Sri LankaC. Valters (May 2013)

JSRP Paper 3: Post-conflict Traditional Justice: a critical overviewT. Allen and A. Macdonald (February 2013)

JSRP Paper 2: Security in Hybrid Political Contexts: an end-user approachR. Luckham and T. Kirk (October 2012)

JSRP Paper 1: Understanding ‘Theory of Change’ in International DevelopmentD. Stein and C. Valters (July 2012)


Journal Articles


Media and Conflict: an assessment of the evidence’, E. Schoemaker and N. Stremlau, Progress in Development Studies, forthcoming 2014.


‘From Global Policy to Local Knowledge: What is the Link between Women’s Formal Political Participation and Gender Equality in Conflict-affected Contexts?’, H. Seckinelgin and J.F. Klot, Global Policy, November 2013.

‘The Two Faces of Security in Hybrid Political Orders: a framework for analysis and research’, R. Luckham and T. Kirk,  Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, 2(2), 2013.

‘Understanding Security in the Vernacular in Hybrid Political Contexts: a critical survey‘, R. Luckham and T. Kirk,  Conflict, Security and Development, Vol 13 (3) 2013

Borderlands, Identity, and Urban Development: the Case of Goma’,  Koen Vlassenroot and Karen Buscher, Urban Studies, May 2013.

Hybrid Social Movements in Africa’,  A. de Waal and R. Ibreck, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, April 2013.

The Rule of Law Abroad: Learning from Experience and Listening to Locals’,  Thomas Kirk, Global Policy, March 2013.

‘Sizzling South Sudan: Why oil is not the whole story’, Waal, Foreign Affairs, Feb 7, 2013.


Livelihoods, power, and food insecurity: adaptation of social capital portfolios in protracted crises—case study Burundi’, Vervisch, T. G.A., Vlassenroot, K. and Braeckman, J.  Disasters, 2012.

‘Review Article: The Theory and Practie of Meles Zenawi’, A. De Waal, African Affairs. (London) First published online December 5, 2012.

Deals and Dealings: Inconclusive Peace and Treacherous Trade along the South Sudan-Uganda Border’, M. Schomerus and K.Titeca, Africa Spectrum, Vol 47:2-3., 2012.

They forgot what they came for: Uganda’s army in Sudan’, M. Schomerus, Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol 6:1., 2012,  Special issue on ‘Uganda from the Margins’

Doing business out of war: an analysis of the UPDF’s presence in DRCongo’‘, K. Vlassenroot et al, Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol 6:1, 2012,  Special issue on ‘Uganda from the Margins’

‘Justice and Rape on the Periphery: the supremacy of social harmony in the space between local solutions and formal judicial systems in northern Uganda’, H. E. Porter, Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol 6:1, 2012,  Special issue on‘Uganda from the Margins’



Post-Conflict Traditional Justice, T. Allen and A. Macdonald, in Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, eds. G. Bruinsma and D. Weisburd. Springer, 2014.

The Borderlands of South Sudan: Authority and Identity in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, eds. C. Vaughan, M. Schomerus, L. de Vries. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013


Other publications

Research Brief: ‘Unravelling Public Authority: Paths of Hybrid Governance in Africa‘, K. Meagher, T. De Herdt and K. Titeca (March 2014)

‘In South Sudan, Water and Oil Do Mix: Expert.’ Voice of America News. February 25, 2013. Print & radio interview with JSRP Research Director Alex de Waal.

Conference report: Ten Years On: post-conflict transitional justice in Sierra Leone

LSE Connect magazine: Mareike Schomerus -The birth of South Sudan