To mark the start of the LSE Research Festival 2014, here is a summary of the five most popular pieces of Open Access LSE research available to download on LSE Research Online (LSERO).

In December 2013, LSERO reached the milestone of 10,000 Open Access papers available in the repository, including articles, working papers, datasets, books, conference items, multi-media and research blog posts.

Infographic of fascinating facts demonstrating how far and wide Open Access research can go when it is deposited in LSERO.

Infographic of fascinating facts demonstrating how far and wide Open Access research can go when it is deposited in LSERO.

  1. Managing non-profit organisations: towards a new approach by Helmut K. Anheier (2000)
    Downloaded 42,260 times

The most downloaded paper on LSERO puts forward holistic model for non-profits as a multi-faceted conglomerate of various constituent parts that requires different management approaches. The model outlines the range of orientations inside and outside of an organisation, the importance of values and politics alongside economic aspects, a strategic-developmental dimension that sees organisations as evolving systems, and an operational dimension that deals with the day-to-day functioning of organisations.

  1. Thatcherism, new Labour and the welfare state by John Hills (1998)
    Downloaded 36,960 times

This paper examines the Labour government’s policies on welfare in the honeymoon of its 1997 landslide general election victory, in relation to its Conservative predecessor and the pledges made in opposition. The paper identifies four linking themes to Labour’s welfare policy: the importance to Labour of following tight budget constraints to shake off its reputation for profligacy while reallocating investment towards health and education, the promotion of paid work amongst welfare recipients with tax changes intended to reduce inequality, and the rising influence of the Treasury in making welfare and social policy.

  1. Taking risky opportunities in youthful content creation: teenagers’ use of social networking sites for intimacy, privacy and self-expression by Sonia Livingstone (2008)
    Downloaded 34,932 times

This paper analyses the response by older generations to the explosion in the use of social networks by younger generations, as teenagers redefine privacy and pursue a narcissistic fascination with self-display. The paper explores the younger teenager’s enthusiasm to continuously recreate a highly-decorated, stylistically-elaborate identity, with older teenagers tending to favour a plain aesthetic that cements their relationships, demonstrating a commitment to living through authenticity.

  1. Multi-criteria analysis: a manual by JS Dodgson, M Spackman, A Pearman, and LD Phillips (2009)
    Downloaded 30,838 times

The paper puts forward the multi criteria decision-making support tool, which can have a multitude of applications in industry, health care and government policy-making. By giving examples of practical applications of the tool, the paper also analyses the theoretical challenges that the research area poses and limitations of the instrument.

  1. Policing ethnic minority communities by Ben Bowling and Coretta Phillips (2003)
    Downloaded 23,585 times

This landmark paper provided evidence that racist beliefs, xenophobic attitudes and racial prejudices in police culture were more widespread and extreme than in wider society in early 1990’s Britain. It examines racial bias by British police and the underrepresentation of ethnic-minorities in its forces, highlighting their often weak and incompetent response to racist violence. The paper outlined perceptions of unfairness in the police’s use of stop and search powers, concerns about deaths in police custody, racial discrimination, and a lack of accountability within the police, concluding with seventy recommendations on how to address these issues.

LSE Research Online (LSERO) is the institutional repository of research output produced by LSE Staff.  Guided by the principles of Open Access, the repository provides a platform for LSE research and learning to be made freely available. For Early Career Researchers LSERO provides a platform to leverage the potential of the Web to establish their work internationally, bring new voices to scholarly discourse, and create opportunities for collaboration. By depositing into LSERO peer-reviewed manuscript versions of articles published in journals or conference proceedings, more senior academics have a way to meet the Open Access requirements of research funders such as the Research Councils UKWellcome Trust and HEFCE.

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