This week Kirsty Allsop caused a storm by suggesting that women should have  a baby first then go to university. See this blogs posting on the topic which examines useful research resources on the topic of women and motherhood, and gives some fascinating quotes from some of LSE Library’s historic databases.

The End Sexual Violence in War Summit opened this week

The summit was co-chaired by William Hague. The British government has a number of supporting documents on its official website. These include the United Nations Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. There is also a live proceedings and blog website for the conference.

Here is a Storify photo campaign


Other key websites to consult if you are interested in researching this topic are:

  • The United Nations website includes this report from 2013. Try searching for further reports and discussion by using the United Nations Documentation System.
  • There is also a special Stop Rape Now campaign website which coordinates the work of all UN agencies in this area.
  • Key advocacy organisations who have reports and online campaign literature include: Stop Rape in Conflict International Campaign.
  • Hurisearch is a specialist human rights search engine which searches selected sites. It is good for locating full text documents
  • You can locate further full text materials from a development angle on the magnificent Eldis site

UK Coalition for Media Pluralism launches online campaign video

Here is a petition calling for greater media diversity, increased competition. The online film is available via YouTube .

They also have materials on Facebook and a Twitter account.

Tiananmen Square protests of 1989,  25th Anniversary

At the beginning of June 1989 pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square China ended in bloodshed and repression. To mark the 25th anniversary, The University Library at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis has released a special collection photographs. The library has digitized photographs taken by an IUPUI professor of the protests and pro-democracy movement and added them to the library’s online digital collections. The collection also provides free access to some student movement documents.

Here are some further resources to try to find out more about the events.

Health Economics

  • According to research launched by the LSE this week autism is the most costly health condition in the UK costing the country at least £32 billion per year in treatment, lost earnings, care and support for children and adults with autism. A summary of the article is free online.
  • Free access to other research concerning Autism  can be obtained via the Autistica website.
  • The National Autistic Society. Has a specialist information service. Its website offers free access to  Autism Data  which you can use to quickly locate references to books articles and reports covering all aspects of autism.
  • NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED) available fre of charge from the University of York, Centre for Reviews and Disseminations is updated daily it summarises evidence relating to the cost effectiveness of treatments and interventions.
  • The CEA Registry published online by Harvard Center for Risk Analysis and the Harvard School of Public Health. is a comprehensive database of 3,772 cost-utility analyses on a wide variety of diseases and treatments.
  •  Paediatric Economic Database Evaluation (PEDE). Developed using funds provided by The Canadian Coordinating Office for Health and The Hospital for Sick Children Canada Contains over 2000 bibliographic records (with added information) of published full economic evaluations of health care interventions, programs, services and processes for children under 19.Records from 1980 onwards.

World War II Propaganda Films online

  • A new digital archive from Indiana University Bloomington.  It Contains 117 films made during the Second World War by government agencies and offices in the United States. Examples include: Supervising women workers. This assumes that this was unusual at the time. Images of women at war Others cover why we fight propaganda and public health issues. Copyright and technical details are on the website.
  • 2014 Gender-GEDI Index Executive Report The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute has produced a  30-country analysis of the conditions that foster high-potential female entrepreneurship. The Site also provides free access to the 2013 report.  Topics covered include access to business finance, perceptions of women executives, professional social media platforms. Methodology is explained in the report.
  • See more on free full text report our women and gender page 

NATO on Duty

  • A new official interactive map has been launched by NATO. Based on Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) software. Find out about current missions and partnerships. It also some links to stories and case studies provided by NATO.

Finally- does the CIA have a sense of humour?

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