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In the first of a short series on social science and the 2014 World Cup from the LSE Library – we focus upon forecasting the world cup outcome.

Ghost goal world cup 1966

Have economists predicted an England flop?
According to a recent article in the Telegraph last week analysis of the group means that it will be difficult for them to win. Here are some sites to explore more the economic science of World Cup football forecasting!

Researching Game theory and Sport

Try these recommended databases/ websites to find academic articles and papers.

  •  RePEc enormous collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles and software
  • NBER Working papers
  • Econlit –  references to articles and papers from the American Economic Association.
  • ISI Web of Science includes the Social Science citation index and the ability to trace highly cited articles.
  • Scopus 
  • Scopus

Finally not convinced by the Economists?
Paul the Octopus

See some animals predicting the winners. (Via Huffington Post Canada)



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