Dec 17 2015

Announcement from Craig Calhoun

On 17 December 2015, LSE Director Craig Calhoun announced to the School that he would not seek a second term as LSE Director. This email was sent to all staff setting out the priorities for the remainder of his term.



I write to let you know that I will not seek a second term as LSE Director. There are many things that sadden me about this decision, but perhaps most of all the lost pleasure of working with so many great colleagues.

I remain enthusiastic about the LSE and its potential. Serving the School remains one of the most important things I have done. And I will continue to serve to the best of my ability in the remainder of my term.

Some key objectives will be the focus of my attention. I will write more about these later, but at the top of the list is securing a step-change in LSE’s provision of education and student experience – including support directly for students and for all the teachers who contribute so basically. It is important that the School seek to be as outstanding in education as it is in research.

With other members of the Director’s Management Team (DMT), Academic Planning and Resources Committee (APRC) and Department Heads, I will continue work to strengthen overall academic quality at the LSE. This will include sustaining and advancing our research and making sure that we have a strong supporting structure on both departmental and interdepartmental bases. During the next two months, Julia Black (Pro Director for Research) will lead a consultation on how we may best focus and support LSE excellence and recognition in global public policy. Sustaining the strength of LSE public engagement is also important. And the pursuit of quality will crucially mean following through on the review processes to ensure our teaching and research are strong across the board.

Quality of service provision is also crucial, from Estates to IMT to HR and Communications. In January we will welcome a new Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Young. He will take on this job of providing better, more effective, and more cost-effective services and I will do all I can to support him and this effort.

Of course, the work of DMT and the Directorate will continue; each leadership group has full agendas including crucial matters like bringing forward the report of the Task Force on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and overseeing the School’s budget. And I will continue to the best of my ability to represent the School externally.

Thanks to all of you for your many contributions in support of the School. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

All best wishes, including for very happy holidays,



Message from the Chair of LSE Court and Council

17 December 2015

I want to express appreciation for Craig’s leadership and service.  I offer my sincere thanks to him, both for his clear vision for the future direction of LSE and for his strenuous work towards converting that vision into reality. There will of course be future times for more detailed expressions of appreciation.

I also want to indicate my clear support – and that of Council – for the analysis of risks before the School, the vision of how LSE can flourish, and the strategy to guide action that lie behind our Strategic Plan. Council is committed to high ambitions for the School and vigorous action in pursuit of those ambitions.

Lord Paul Myners


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