Jun 25 2016

“Our students and teachers from near and far are a big part of what makes learning at LSE so special” – LSE Director Craig Calhoun


A message from LSE Director Craig Calhoun

Since Friday’s momentous news, I have received many messages from staff, students and alumni concerned about the implications of the UK’s decision, both for the School and for the community and mission it represents. I know that our Chair, Alan Elias, and the incoming Interim Director Julia Black have also heard from many of you. All of us in LSE’s leadership are listening to your concerns and focused on addressing the issues before the School and the LSE Community.

Firstly I want to restate, unequivocally, our continued commitment to LSE’s European partnerships, our engagement in research and policy analysis bearing on Europe, our teaching on Europe. This commitment is shared with my colleagues in the interim Senior Leadership Team that will take over in September (and which is already meeting in preparation).

I also want to convey LSE’s pledge to provide every possible assistance and support to our non-UK students and staff members. Many are understandably anxious, but should know that the LSE values them. All of us in leadership are committed to maintaining the diversity of national origins among our staff and students. We also appreciate the crucial contributions made by non-UK staff. They are integral members our community and our commitment to them will remain unchanged regardless of the UK’s status within the European Union.

It is heartwarming to read the stories posted to Facebook and other social media by LSE alumni who want to offer testimony as to how fortunate they feel at having been taught by LSE academics from all countries of the European Union. These alumni remember also how central a part of LSE education their fellow students were, and how crucial it was and is that students come to LSE from throughout the EU as well as the whole world. Our students and teachers from near and far and across the EU are a big part of what makes learning at LSE so special.

Please do keep sharing your stories and memories on Facebook. Please keep mentioning your different departments and degree programmes; it is heartening to know that the whole School is unified in appreciating its diversity. This is integral to the LSE and indeed to London. I am enormously proud of the whole LSE community and I know that all of us – students, academics, alumni, and professional services staff – hugely value the contribution to LSE made by our staff and students from all countries of the EU and around the world.

LSE will remain one of the world’s foremost sources of knowledge about Europe. And we will continue to celebrate our standing as an international university with reach throughout Europe and the whole world.

Craig Calhoun, LSE Director

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