In September this year, the 10th edition of the London Spanish Film Festival will bring Spanish cinema to the capital, including David Trueba’s winner at this year’s Goya awards celebration, Living is Easy with Eyes Closed. 

September is, of course, still a little while away, so Spanish film aficionados can feast upon a great line-up this weekend. As well as a showcase of a variety of films, including two UK premières, Thursday evening sees a live interview on stage with the legendary director Carlos Saura, who produced Raise Ravens (1976), Carmen (1983) and ¡Ay Carmela! (1990) among others.

Saturday spotlights Sergi López’s impressive and international career. Born in Barcelona, the Catalán actor trained in France and his career spans films in both languages, as well as Spanish and English. López is somewhat infamous for playing villains such as his role as Sneaky in Dirty Pretty Things and as the sadistic Captain Vidal in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth (2006).

I’ll be speaking to him this weekend as well as reviewing the 2009 film Petit Indi. Check back next week for the low-down!

In the meantime, visit the London Spanish Film Festival Spring Weekend website for the programme of events.