The programme is of huge significance because we’re able to share some of the interesting insights into financial markets and the consequences of the financial crisis that we had in 2008, and what has continued to be problematic for UK companies, US companies and for companies around the world – Simon Flemington, LSE Enterprise, CEO

Today marks the beginning of the Markets in the Global Economy international study visit. Thirty-five students from ESAN Graduate School of Business in Peru will spend the week attending lectures and seminars, and going on trips around London, including a visit to the House of Lords. In his welcome speech, LSE Enterprise CEO Simon Flemington explained the guiding principles behind academia at LSE and set the students a challenge: 

LSE was founded as an institution that thought differently about big issues, and that is one of the core elements that you will see. It’s our belief that it’s your role to research your teaching, and to consider whether the orthodoxy of what we do is correct. Everything we’ve been told- should we believe it? The main way to develop our thinking is to challenge the orthodoxy, and so the motto of the LSE is about understanding the facts and finding out the truth.

You have a very important role in the programme you’re going to go through. I put it to you as a challenge to stand up and say “I’d like to question what you’re saying” to the esteemed academics and teachers, and in your own way, challenge them to prove their points and to go into the detail of what they’re saying. Don’t hesitate to raise your hands and make those challenges.