Attention future graduates: before you leave LSE, it’s essential that you set up your LSE Public Account.

Here we’ll explain what public accounts are, why it is important to configure them and how you can do it in 5 minutes or less!

What is a LSE Public Account?

A LSE Public Account is a general account for non-LSE users. This includes applicants and former students (alumni).

When you first applied to LSE, you created a public account using your personal email as your username, and when you became a student, you were given a network email address and your login changed.

Yet your public account has always been there for you – it never disappeared! And it will become even more useful as you finish your studies…

Why is it important to configure your LSE Public Account?

Once you leave LSE, you will stop having access to your network account, which was given to you as a student.

After this, you will have to use your public account to manage your personal account on LSE for You, which will allow you to request transcripts and other things. Without this account properly set, you will have to close your account and reopen a new one, which can cause delays in getting your grades, transcripts, etc.

Please take five minutes to make sure your account is set properly, in order to have a smooth transition from your network account to a public one.

How can you make sure your LSE Public Account is set up properly?

We promise that it takes less than 5 minutes! Let’s see:

  1. Make sure you remember your LSE Public Account username – Hint: it was the email you originally used to apply to LSE. If you don’t remember this, please email and we’ll tell you.

“But I no longer have access to that email. What do I do?”

Even if you no longer have access to the email you used as username for your LSE Public Account, it’s okay. Don’t panic! If you still remember your password, you can log to LSE for You in using that old email.

Once you’re logged in using your old email in LSE for You, go to ‘Account Management’ under the ‘Everyone tab’ and select the option ‘Change username’.

Insert your new email address (or current non-LSE one), introduce your password and save the changes.

       2. Confirm that you remember your password – Your password should be the same as your current one for your network account. If you forgot it, follow the instructions on how to recover your password in the LSE for You login screen.

“My network password doesn’t let me to login into my public account

If you are still able to login to LSE for You using your network account, here’s how to reset your public account’s password: login using your network account, go to ‘Account Management’ under the ‘Everyone’ tab, select the option “Manage LSE Public Account” and reset your password.

        3. Log in to your public account in LSE for You – Try it just to check that you are able to login. If for some reason you are unable to do this after following the previous steps, please get in touch with us.

It’s easy to configure your LSE Public Account. Don’t forget to do it before you leave LSE.

If you have any questions, please email us to

LSE In-House Apps team