Meet our Student Support Officers Dan and Peter, who tell us what a day in the the Student Support Team is like.

We’re both Student Support Officers in the Student Support Team, which is part of Customer Services within IMT.

We look after student needs in relation to the open access areas dotted around campus and halls of residence (both Windows and macOS devices). This includes student and staff printing services, iRoam laptop loan system, managing the laptop surgery, and helping students with their personally owned devices.

Peter: Somehow we both started on the same day in July 2013. However, I didn’t seen Dan for three weeks, as he was off on holiday! So we’ve both been here just over four years now.

Dan: Before I joined LSE, I worked as a till and microfilm reader repairman for about 10 years.

Peter: I initially wanted to work as a fashion print textile designer, but was swayed by the money and lured into studying Electronics (Engineering) which had been my hobby and interest since I was a kid. I finally settled down into a Computer Science degree at University.

Student Support Officers at LSE

We manage our day-to-day workload by sharing a rota amongst ourselves to make sure that one of us one of us is always on campus from 8am to 6pm.

The first thing to check at 8am is whether or not the print management system is still alive and kicking. This is one of our most important and used systems system, handling up to 50k prints per day – even more around dissertation time!

Mid-morning, we have a quick team huddle to set out our priorities and tasks for the day.

We’re currently working on removing all equipment from the lower ground floor of the library to allow the redevelopment to take place. This means taking out 180 computers and monitors, as well as printers and other it equipment. The redevelopment work will be completed before the start of term.

We’re also in the process of testing SCCM with the new Windows 10 AIO HPs. There are 30 at the moment, with an additional 70 to be installed on the lower ground floor once the redevelopment has finished.

Our other focuses at the moment are: 

  • Summer School and Methodology teaching that is taking place with the use of 60 iRoam laptops within LSE LIFE
  • The removale of equipment (40 computers and monitors) from OLD B.25 to allow the redevelopment and modernisation of the room
  • Preparation for upgrading all macOS (240+) operated devices with Sierra operating system

The best bit of my job is…

Peter: I really the like the challenge that my job presents – there are always different problems to solve.

I like the fact I have to constantly push myself to adapt to learn new things, be it a new application, operating system, or something else entirely. Keeping pace with the technology presented to me each year means it thankfully never ever allows me to get bored.

Dan:  I like the aspect of being given a job to do and left alone to do it, or as a team if needed.

I enjoy people and the diversity of it all. I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. I am trusted (to a degree anyway!).

No day is ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations, which really helps me to stay focused and interested.

People are always surprised that despite the fact the job title and team are Student Support, we look after the management of staff printing, which can be confusing to some!

The biggest challenge the team faces is trying to keep pace with technology.

Maintaining the systems we currently have across campus on a yearly basis can be quite a challenge, especially with the construction work and room upgrades taking place.

In the short term, this requires us to do a lot of internal juggling in terms of hardware, room space and storage, but we’re looking forward to the benefits this will bring in the long term.