Donna Peach is a Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Salford and PhD student in psychology at the University of Huddersfield where she is researching adoptive relationships. She has a broad interest in social psychology and promotes a narrative which encourages less extreme perceptions of relativist positions. She tweets at @donna_peach

Book Review: Diversity in Family Life: Gender, Relationships and Social Change by Elisabetta Ruspini

As new forms of ‘non-traditional’ families grow in number, there is a need to understand these new arrangements and models […]

Book Review: The Origins of Active Social Policy: Labour Market and Childcare Policies in a Comparative Perspective by Giuliano Bonoli

Since the mid 1990s, governments throughout Europe have invested massively in two areas: active labour market policy and childcare. The result, a […]

Book Review: Social Research After the Cultural Turn, edited by Sasha Roseneil & Stephen Frosh

Social Research after the Cultural Turn aims to address fundamental questions facing those working in the social and human sciences today: […]

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