Karl Baker is a Researcher at LSE Cities, at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Karl recently graduated from the MSc City Design and Social Science programme at the LSE. He also holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Victoria University, Wellington. He has previously worked as a policy adviser for New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport where he advised governments on priorities for transport infrastructure investment. He has worked on improving project evaluation methods to better understand the impact of transport infrastructure on the social, environmental and economic performance of cities.

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    LSE Lit Fest 2016 Reading List: Eight Must-Read Books On and Around the Theme of ‘Utopia’

LSE Lit Fest 2016 Reading List: Eight Must-Read Books On and Around the Theme of ‘Utopia’

Image Credit: Batik banner at the US Social Forum in Atlanta, GA (Brooke Anderson)
Today, Monday 22nd February 2016, marks […]

Book Review: Holes in the Whole: Introduction to the Urban Revolutions by Krzysztof Nawratek

Holes in The Whole seeks meaning and reasons for the existence of the city. Krzysztof Nawratek discusses the urgent need to […]

Book Review: Animal Cities: Beastly Urban Histories, edited by Peter Atkins

Animal Cities builds upon a recent surge of interest about animals in the urban context, bringing together case studies on working […]

Book Review: New Urbanism: Life, Work and Space in the New Downtown, edited by Ilse Helbrecht and Peter Dirksmeier

This edited collection examines innovative urban redevelopment projects around Europe and North America which are at the forefront of new […]

Book Review: Ten Thousand Things: Nurturing Life in Contemporary Beijing by Judith Farquhar and Qicheng Zhang

Ten Thousand Things explores the many forms of life, or, in ancient Chinese parlance “the ten thousand things” that life […]

Book Review: Utopian Adventure: The Corviale Void by Victoria Watson

Karl Baker considers this unique book on contemporary issues in architecture and urbanism, centring on The Corviale Void project: a one kilometre […]

Book Review: Urban Green: Architecture for the Future by Neil B. Chambers

Urban Green represents Neil Chambers’ vision for bringing the power of the conservation and design movements together. Taking up the concept of […]

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