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LSE Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy Project

This project aims to explore what can be delivered in face to face teaching versus what can be provided digitally and the range of resources available in Moodle; and will also discuss the value of engaging students in this work.

Twenty undergraduate students have been recruited to join the LSE Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy (SADL) network and will take part in iterative workshops on digital literacy skills with colleagues in the LSE Library, Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and Centre for Learning Technology (CLT).

The SADL project will then allow students to take an integral part in the development of resources for their courses by working closely with LSE staff, and ensure that resources that are made available in Moodle meet the needs of students, by sharing their experiences directly with their peers.

Following the completion of the project, a workshop will be run at LSE for staff to provide advice and guidance on embedding digital, academic and information literacies into the curriculum from the ambassadors and academic staff.

We’re looking forward to getting this project going, and we shall be updating everyone on the progress of the project via this blog, email and Twitter (@lsesadl)!

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