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    Inspirational work-life lessons from the woman behind IHG communications

Inspirational work-life lessons from the woman behind IHG communications

Dima Akel reviews LSE’s public lecture with communications expert, Yasmin Diamond, which formed part of the Women In Business series.

Imagine the scene. Wooden doors, reserved VIP, velvet, silky chairs, starry birds in the architecture, strangers sitting all together in one room with attentive eyes on the phenomenal character of the woman sitting in front of them. This 2 hour […]

Settling into LSE life

In this account of her first two months at LSE, Aishwarya Chakkilam, talks about the challenges of moving to London, and how participating in a ‘boot-camp’ project helped her feel at home.

Hey! So, I guess we all have to “settle in” somewhere new at some point in life. For me the biggest change came during September 2017 when LSE […]

Ries’s Pieces: How I came to love LSE public lectures

In her first blog entry of the year, Srishti Gupta takes us on one student’s journey of the renowned LSE public lecture series as she learns about Eric Ries’ lean start-up ideology and its role in the field of management.

One of the unique things that LSE offers as part of its university experience is its famous public lectures series. The […]