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Peshmerga Unification in Jeopardy

by Fazel Hawramy

The long simmering tension between Erbil and Baghdad which resulted, on 16 October 2017, in open confrontation in Kirkuk and other disputed territories, has wiped out any trust between the Iraqi security forces – including the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) – and the peshmerga, created over three years of fighting a common enemy in the Islamic State.

The […]

  • Permalink A Hashd al-Shaabi soldier on the frontline against the Islamic State in Saladin Governorate. Credit: Tasnim News Agency/WikipediaGallery

    The Popular Mobilisation Forces and the Balancing of Formal and Informal Power

The Popular Mobilisation Forces and the Balancing of Formal and Informal Power

by Renad Mansour

Since 2003, the breakdown of the unitary state in Iraq, and the subsequent cycle of collapse and repair, has led to the proliferation of armed actors. In political studies literature, hybrid security actors are defined as armed groups that acquire a share of the state’s “authority, legitimacy, and capacity.” In post-2003 Iraq, however, the diffusion of these three […]

Security in Iraq: From Cooperation to Confrontation

by Michael Stephens

The balance of power in Iraq which has emerged as a result of the central government’s operations against Kurdish forces in the disputed territories in October 2017, has certainly proved a headache for the United States and other Western actors, but it has not produced a catastrophic outcome for Western interests. On the contrary, Prime Minister Haider […]

When People, Power and Politics Collide

by Andrea Malouf

Over the past two years Iraq’s Prime Minister, surrounded by some credible technocrats, has managed to balance delicate political dynamics in a time of war and keep at bay overwhelming economic, social and political pressures. But as elections draw near the concept of Iraq as both, a state and a geographical expression, will be tested.

Iraq the Republic […]

  • Permalink High security for early vote in the 2010 elections. 
Photo by Haider Noman IbraheemGallery

    ‘Functioning Federalism’ in Iraq: A Critical Perspective

‘Functioning Federalism’ in Iraq: A Critical Perspective

by Ali Al-Mawlawi

Iraq has struggled with the concept of federalism ever since it was enshrined in the 2005 Constitution. It is beyond the scope of this paper to discuss how the authors of the Constitution envisioned a federal Iraq, or to put it more accurately, how competing visions led to the adoption of incoherent and often conflicting provisions within […]

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