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Do sovereign wealth funds bring value to their investments?

by Bader Alhashel

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) today are major players in the global financial markets. Their rise over the past decade has attracted significant interest and controversy, fuelled by their more vivid investment targets and their role as investors and lenders of last resort at the dawn of the 2008 financial crisis. This scrutiny has led to many discussions […]

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    كيفية الاستفادة من الاستشاريين في دول مجلس التعاون

كيفية الاستفادة من الاستشاريين في دول مجلس التعاون

عمر العبيدلي وكامرون ميرزا

فرض تراجع أسعار النفط على الدول الخليجية مراجعة رؤاها الاقتصادية – أو إطلاقها في حالة السعودية – مما يخلق دوراً ربما مهماً للاستشاريين. فحسب دراسة لـ «جلوبل ريسيرش»، نمت سوق الخدمات الاستشارية في السعودية بنسبة 14.8% في عام 2015، إذ بلغ حجمها 1.25 مليار دولار، وأصبحت السوق السعودية تمثل تقريباً نصف السوق المتينة لدى الدول الخليجية، […]

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Making the Best Use of Consultants in the GCC

by Omar Al-Ubaydli & Cameron Mirza

Falling oil prices have forced the GCC countries to revise or, in the case of Saudi Arabia, launch their economic visions, creating a potentially important role for consultants. According to Global Research Saudi Arabia’s consulting market expanded by 14.8 percent to $1.25 billion in 2015, accounting for almost half of the robust GCC consulting market, […]

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Don’t Let Diplomacy Down

by Sirous Amerian

Over a year ago, everyone’s attention in Iran and the world was turned to the momentous signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) . Crippling sanctions that had hurt the people of Iran even more than its government could now be lifted, with a brighter future ahead. Diplomacy had succeeded and the risk of war […]

Why is there almost no renewable energy in Oman?

By Aisha Al-Sarihi

Despite the abundance of renewable energy resources in Oman, especially wind and solar, the country’s deployment of renewable energy does not exceed one percent. Domestic oil and gas resources play a major role in this. At present, natural gas accounts for 97 percent of fuel used for power generation, while diesel accounts for 3 percent, and the […]

January 23rd, 2017|Analysis & Opinion, GCC|1 Comment|

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