By Zoetanya Sujon

My last day with LSE Media Policy Project will be on Friday May 27th, as it is time to begin my maternity leave. While I am delighted about welcoming the first (and probably last) media policy project baby into the world, I am truly sad to be leaving the project, particularly as it enters the final stage of its first phase.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the MPP, with the fantastically talented project team, with all of those who have participated in or through our activities and with those who share our interests – from multiple perspectives.

Sally Broughton-Micova and Ben Murray – both currently studying with the department – will be taking up project management, communications and policy network/database work, among other project responsibilities, in my place.

I hope that the exchange of ideas and the original project aims – to foster a deliberative exchange between policy makers, civil society actors and researchers in order to better inform evidence based media policy – continues to develop successfully.

Best of luck to all you, it has been a real pleasure!