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    New Forms of Digital Inequality: Disparities in offline benefits from internet use

New Forms of Digital Inequality: Disparities in offline benefits from internet use

A new report questioning the assumption that using the Internet and related ICTs is beneficial for everyone was released today. Here one of the authors, LSE’s Ellen Helsper, explains how increased online activity doesn’t always translate into tangible outcomes.

There may be many disagreements amongst UK politicians in the run up to the election but the one thing that […]

Digital Inclusion in Europe: Evaluating Policy and Practice

The National Digital Conference takes place in London today discussing “putting people at the heart of the opportunities digital can deliver”. Contributing to these discussions, our Ellen Helsper summarizes her recent European Commission discussion paper assessing European Digital Inclusion policies and argues that a focus on tangible outcomes linked to offline social inclusion targets is needed. She recommends a 6 step approach to […]

Social Digital Series: Digital by Default – Excluded by Default?

It’s time for a rethink. Policies and initiatives that take digital by default as a starting point ignore the complexity of the field they manoeuvre in. Worse, they lead to a real danger that a large part of the population will become digitally excluded by default. That should not be acceptable in a country that wants to be Europe’s information society frontrunner, […]

Social Digital Series: Reflecting on the State of Social Digital Behaviour in the UK

Social digital behaviour, in the form of building digital skills and improving digital literacy, has been part of the political, social and academic landscape in the UK for at least a decade. Initiatives have been set up by the government, the third sector, and commercial and other partners, with the aim of improving socio-economic well-being and creating greater equality […]

The second day at the National Digital Conference (ND11)

By Ellen Helsper Here is a brief summary of what I feel was said today at the National Digital Conference (ND11) and what the unanswered questions are after the first plenary sessions. For a summary of yesterday’s conference see this morning’s post. After tomorrow’s discussion at the LSE, we will be publishing a policy brief which contains further evidence on […]

The first day of the National Digital Conference (ND11): A summary

By Ellen Helsper As expected there were no firm commitments made by anyone in government during the ND11 introduction day yesterday evening. All speakers used “the 9 million that are not online” as a starting point – forgetting to mention that this is based on the work from the Department of Communities and Local Government and that the survey work […]

Digital Inclusion Policy Discussion

This Friday, from 2 to 5 pm, we will have an open discussion about the past and future of ICT related social policies in the UK. The aim of this meeting is to outline an analysis of media and technological policies based on changing digital participation agendas in the previous and current governments, in addition to considering strategic policy proposals […]

What has happened to the Universal Service Commitment?

By Ellen Helsper This blog post comes out of my confusion and concern about what is happening to digital inclusion policies in the UK. The policies related to universal access to ICT and its contents seem to be in constant flux. The latest activity in this area is the announcement of the National Digital Conference (the largest UK event bringing […]