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Europe’s Digital Agenda: boosting access & breaking barriers

Davide Morisi, with the European Commission’s Communication Directorate points out that encouraging the digital single market in Europe is not just about infrastructure, but also about harmonizing regulation and much more.

In March 2010 the European Commission launched the “Europe 2020 Strategy”, a wide and comprehensive plan for fostering sustainable and inclusive growth within the European area. One of […]

Debunking Internet Myths: slow, centralised and local reality

The UK Government remains consistent in its commitment to roll out “superfast” broadband across the country. But what does superfast broadband mean and will having superfast broadband in the UK really give the increased in capacity and access to global content that it should. A July report from Ofcom on internet speeds and research presented at the Annenberg/Oxford Media […]

Retransmission Fees on the Agenda to Pay for PSB Plurality?

Discussing the role of public service content (PSC) in the digital media landscape keeps raising the old unsolved question: can the market deliver? A Westminster Media Forum conference on June 22nd focused the market failure question on public service plurality: with ad revenues in a long term decline at Channels 3, 4, and 5; how to support public service […]

Media Plurality Dossier: The case of NewsCorp’s Bid for BSkyB

An Updated Version of this Dossier is now available in the resources pages. With the help of Diana Osipova, Davide Morisi brings together key documents, information and news sources on News Corporation’s bid for BSkyB and the media plurality debate in the UK.  These documents and sources were last been updated on March 8th, 2011.  Most recent updates are marked […]