Algorithmic Accountability

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    Algorithmic accountability in scholarship: what we can learn from #DeleteAcademiaEdu

Algorithmic accountability in scholarship: what we can learn from #DeleteAcademiaEdu

Jean-Christophe Plantin, Assistant Professor in Media & Communications at the LSE, explores the intersection of algorithms, academic research and platforms for scholarly publications. He argues that there is a need to develop a values-centred approach in the development of article-sharing platforms, with suitably designed algorithms.

The networking and article-sharing platform has been at the centre of a controversy in the academic […]

Accountable Algorithms (A Provocation)

Joshua Kroll, Systems Engineer at CloudFlare, Inc., presents the case for using techniques from computer science as the most appropriate means of reviewing the fairness of computerised decision making.

Consequential decisions which have historically been made through human-operated processes are increasingly being automated, leading to questions about how to deal with incorrect, unfair, or unjustified outcomes that emerge from […]

New Animisms (A Provocation)

How should we deal with the sorts of automated predictive systems that increasingly impact our lives? Mireille Hildebrandt of Vrije Universiteit in Brussels argues that we must learn to interact with the new mindless agents that now saturate what she terms “our onlife world”.

Law-as-we-know-it is premised on the fundamental distinction between mind as active, and matter as passive. This distinction no longer […]

Bittersweet Mysteries of Machine Learning (A Provocation)

Frank Pasquale, professor of law at the University of Maryland, reflects on the roles of machines and machine learning in today’s society, and to what extent ‘opaque’ algorithmic systems should be subject to human oversight. 

In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the mission-controlling computer HAL acts mysteriously, and ultimately malevolently. The theme of “technics out of control” animated several other […]

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    LSE Data and Society delves into key social issues of algorithmic control

LSE Data and Society delves into key social issues of algorithmic control

Alison Powell, Assistant Professor at LSE, investigates how data and algorithms effect our daily lives, from negotiating public transport and booking restaurants, to the more serious issues of surveillance and privacy. She argues that there is a greater need for algorithmic accountability in order for us to understand its impact, both positive and negative, on not only our day-to-day lives, […]

Algorithmic Power and Accountability in Black Box Platforms

Ahead of a special workshop on ‘Algorithmic Power and Accountability in Black Box Platforms’, Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Acting Director of the LSE Media Policy Project, outlines some of the challenges society faces when considering how to deal with systems which are increasingly driven by data, and calls for more conversations surrounding regulatory issues.

With the influx of data-driven systems in everyday life, […]