Digital Inclusion

Digital Underclass Emerges in the UK

Emergence of a Digital UnderclassNew research from Dr Ellen Helsper shows that a digital underclass is forming in Britain. Characterised by unemployment and lower education levels, this group is much less likely to access the internet and is less digitally skilled, despite gains made in the last several years. This evidence follows a recent analysis by the University College Union […]

No single solution for digital participation – Think People!

Don Passey, Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Education Research at Lancaster University, argues that one-off technological solutions will not bring digital participation for all. He elaborates the infrastructure and other requirements of different or disadvantaged groups and points out key questions that must be asked.

Whilst I am concerned that our technological infrastructure is robust, wide, is usefully […]

The second day at the National Digital Conference (ND11)

By Ellen Helsper Here is a brief summary of what I feel was said today at the National Digital Conference (ND11) and what the unanswered questions are after the first plenary sessions. For a summary of yesterday’s conference see this morning’s post. After tomorrow’s discussion at the LSE, we will be publishing a policy brief which contains further evidence on […]

The first day of the National Digital Conference (ND11): A summary

By Ellen Helsper As expected there were no firm commitments made by anyone in government during the ND11 introduction day yesterday evening. All speakers used “the 9 million that are not online” as a starting point – forgetting to mention that this is based on the work from the Department of Communities and Local Government and that the survey work […]

Digital Inclusion Policy Discussion

This Friday, from 2 to 5 pm, we will have an open discussion about the past and future of ICT related social policies in the UK. The aim of this meeting is to outline an analysis of media and technological policies based on changing digital participation agendas in the previous and current governments, in addition to considering strategic policy proposals […]

What has happened to the Universal Service Commitment?

By Ellen Helsper This blog post comes out of my confusion and concern about what is happening to digital inclusion policies in the UK. The policies related to universal access to ICT and its contents seem to be in constant flux. The latest activity in this area is the announcement of the National Digital Conference (the largest UK event bringing […]