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Summer Reading from The Media Policy Project …

At the Media Policy Project we are often asked for readings by those wishing to get up to speed on complex policy issues. This is why we produce our policy briefs and idiots guides. Recently, we have had several requests for briefing on press regulation. As we will be taking a break until 18 August, in a departure from our usual short […]

The Final Media Policy Meme: #popleveson Made Light of UK Press Inquiry

This season of Media Policy Memes will end with an example of parody-based user generated content that brought UK’s press regulation debate to the forefront of social media. The #PopLeveson Twitter Hashtag trend was born in the midst of the 2012 Leveson Inquiry. In parody, Twitter users imaged an alternate trial in which Lord Justice Leveson and Robert Jay QC cross-examined […]

The Clock is Ticking for IPSO, UK’s New Press Regulator

Media Policy Project Director Damian Tambini calls on the board of the new press regulator, IPSO, to reform it fast or resign.  Journalists have been imprisoned in the UK in the past weeks and more are to be sentenced. This is a sombre moment, and one in which it would be hoped that the newspaper industry and civil society might resolve to reach […]

Media Policy Memes 3: #Hashtag History & Hysteria

How did one little symbol end up critical to social movements, get wrapped up in libel cases, and integrate into our everyday lives? Our Batsheva Lazarus tells the story of this Friday’s media policy meme: the #hashtag.

The lowly “number symbol” or “octothorpe”, as it was officially named by the scientists at Bell Telephone, has been plucked from the obscurity […]

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    Media Ownership Fault Lines: Granville Williams on “Big Media and Internet Titans”

Media Ownership Fault Lines: Granville Williams on “Big Media and Internet Titans”

Granville Williams, the editor of a new book, “Big Media and Internet Titans,” argues that current levels of media concentration are unacceptable and media ownership needs to be put back on the political agenda. In June 2011, just weeks before the UK government was poised to give News Corporation permission to acquire the 61 per cent of BSkyB that it […]

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    Book Review: The Ethics of Journalism: Individual, Institutional and Cultural Influences, edited by Wendy N. Wyatt

Book Review: The Ethics of Journalism: Individual, Institutional and Cultural Influences, edited by Wendy N. Wyatt

The landscape in which journalists now work is substantially different to that of the twentieth century. The rise of digital and social media necessitates a new way of considering the ethical questions facing practicing journalists, and this volume aims to consider the various individual, cultural, and institutional influences that have an impact on journalistic ethics today. This book of essays is […]

UK Press Regulation Update: A Very British Fudge

In the coming weeks the new press regulator IPSO will unveil its board and officially launch. We can also expect an announcement about the  Recognition Panel established under the Royal Charter to audit the new system of newspaper self-regulation. Those expecting to finally see the implementation of Leveson’s reforms are likely to be disappointed, however, argues Damian Tambini. Back in January, when I looked forward to the development of press […]

The Elephant In The Room: New Report on UK Media Ownership

The editorial team at Inforrm has reviewed a recent report on media ownership in the UK by the Media Reform Coalition and finds the figures indicating increasing media concentration worrisome. On 24 April 2014, the Media Reform Coalition published its newest report The Elephant In The Room: a survey of media ownership and plurality in the United Kingdom. The report considers […]

ICO Needs Input on Guidance for Media – Especially from “Citizen Bloggers”

As the deadline approaches, LSE MPP Research Officer Sally Broughton Micova reminds those with an interest in British journalism to respond to the ICO’s draft guidelines for media on data protection and journalism and argues that more clarity is needed for the “citizen blogger”. The deadline for responding to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) draft document Data protection and […]

Steven Barnett on How the World’s Top Editors Have Colluded in a British Press Deceit

Today the World Association of Newspapers and Newspaper Publishers (WAN-IFRA) published a report on the state of press freedom in the UK. Having met with the organisation’s delegation during its visit to London, Westminster’s Steven Barnett responds to the report arguing it ignores important evidence.   What a golden opportunity there was for the world’s newspaper editors to put the […]