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Dealing with the disinformation dilemma: a new agenda for news media

There are no easy solutions to ‘fake news’ or misinformation. They are symptoms of systemic problems. Journalists should challenge them with humility, writes Charlie Beckett (LSE): by looking at how they work, becoming more open about how they source and produce stories, and more emotionally literate about how people feel about and socialise the information they consume.

‘Fake news’ is a real […]

Critical digital literacy: ten key readings for our distrustful media age

Misinformation and distrust are the characteristic of our time. They make the question of how to approach and promote critical digital literacy particularly important. Gianfranco Polizzi suggests ten texts that offer a framework for thinking about how to do it.

Since the 2016 US election and Brexit, debate around so-called ‘fake news’ has sharpened concerns that the internet and social media are […]