The Media Policy Project has assembled several topic guides for use by anyone involved in, or interested in, UK or EU media policy.  The documents are evolving and we welcome your suggested changes.

Children, Advertising and the Internet
by Benjamin De La Pava, Alexandra Chernyavskaya and Sonia Livingstone

Children’s safety on the internet: a guide to stakeholders
by Alexandra Chernyavskaya and Sonia Livingstone

BBC Charter Review

Internet Governance

Media Literacy in the UK and Europe

Network Neutrality

Online Surveillance

Archived guides:

Phone Hacking & Leveson Inquiry 
by Nate Vaagen, Linna Wang, Katherine Relle

Consumer Representation in Communications
By Nate Vaagen

Digital Inclusion
By Ellen Helsper and Dorota Kaczuba

Media literacy and the UK’s Communication Act 2003
By Sonia Livingstone, Yinhan Wang and Chang Li

File Sharing and the Digital Economy Act
By Dorota Kaczuba, Ben Murray, Liam O’Neill, Nate Vaagen

Media Plurality & The Case of NewsCorp’s Bid for BSkyB
By Diana Osipova & Davide Morisi