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Understanding fatherhood in the digital age

In this blog, Gillian Ranson looks into the rise of the father blogger. Recognising their growing impact, she reflects on the role of father bloggers with advertising as they become a potential source of revenue, as well as their position as ‘parent experts’ who are professionalised as fathers. Gillian is Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Calgary, Canada. She is […]

10 tips for digital citizens’ parents

Credit: W. Fryer, CC BY 2.0

Guest contributor Anne Collier discusses youth and digital citizenship, and shares ten key insights for parents. Anne is president of Net Family News Inc., a nonprofit organization she founded in 1999, and founder of, a social media helpline for U.S. schools, which she is piloting in the state of California this school year. Anne blogs at

Actually, parents […]