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Children and virtual reality: Where do we stand?

Virtual reality games are quickly gaining popularity among children. However, regulators and researchers still remain largely unaware of the potential risks inherent to this technology. In this post, Jennifer Pavlick explores the available research to date, outlining potential risks for children, as well as the possibilities for playing and learning. Jennifer is the editor of the Parenting for a Digital Future blog and has just […]

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    Makerspaces: How parents support young children’s learning

Makerspaces: How parents support young children’s learning

How can makerspaces help parents encourage their children to become digitally literate? The MakEY research project brings together researchers to explore the benefits and challenges of running making workshops in a variety of settings. In this post, Alicia Blum-Ross and Sonia Livingstone explore ‘makerspaces’ and what they mean for parents and children. Sonia is Professor of Social Psychology at LSE’s Department of Media […]

Digital driver’s licence

What kind of online safety messaging resonates with young people? What tools and strategies are most effective for improving digital literacy? In this post, Jeremy Blackman describes the digital driver’s licence.  Created by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, an Australian online education resource, this resource focuses on exploring the nuance of online engagement alongside ethical and moral maxims. Jeremy is Senior Advisor, […]

Augmented reality apps: value beyond the hype?

Jackie Marsh discusses the research she conducted about augmented reality apps, investigating their use, value and potential for young children. She urges that as these apps become increasingly ubiquitous, it will be important for parents and early years practitioners to appraise and assess the apps and decide whether they are of fleeting interest, or if they hold the potential […]

The internet of toys

With the rapid expansion in ‘smart’, interconnected toys, what is being done to regulate, for example, the data they generate? Giovanna Mascheroni looks into some of the hopes and concerns surrounding the internet of toys. Giovanna is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Università Cattolica, Milan and visiting fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE. […]

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When is a toothbrush not just a toothbrush?

Joanna Adler looks into the fast-changing world of technology, connectivity and digital resilience. She writes this post in a personal capacity and tells us about a bluetooth enabled toothbrush for children, which raised a lot of questions about security vulnerabilities, protecting our privacy and data. Joanna is Professor of Forensic Psychology and Director of Forensic Psychological Services at Middlesex University. Her research […]

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ClassDojo poses data protection concerns for parents

Ben Williamson and Alasdair Rutherford raise a series of concerns about the globally popular classroom management app ClassDojo. They argue that as ClassDojo has grown into a new social media site for schools, it poses a number of risks in relation to data protection and child privacy, and to how children, teachers and parents interact. Ben and Alasdair are […]