How the digital revolution is changing education

This post reports on the ‘Education in a Digital World’ conference, held in June 2017. Eszter Salamon shows the various changes affecting European education in the digital age, including pedagogical shifts and digital inclusion. She argues that the education system must be fundamentally adjusted to answer to the digital learning needs of the whole population. Eszter is President of the European Parents’ Association and Vice President of the […]

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    What does it mean for children to have a ‘voice’ in research?

What does it mean for children to have a ‘voice’ in research?

Credit: S. Ottovordemgentschenfelde

Adults such as researchers, parents, teachers, etc. often speak for children and it is important, despite difficult, to figure out effective ways to hear children’s voices directly. Alicia Blum-Ross is part of a group that has brought together researchers from across the LSE to discuss children’s voice and she reflects on the diversity of perspectives.

Over the past […]