Hopes & fears

The internet of toys

With the rapid expansion in ‘smart’, interconnected toys, what is being done to regulate, for example, the data they generate? Giovanna Mascheroni looks into some of the hopes and concerns surrounding the internet of toys. Giovanna is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Università Cattolica, Milan and visiting fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE. […]

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Do angry birds make for angry children?

Credit: P. Cuhalev, CC BY-NC 2.0

Guest contributor Christopher J. Ferguson  looks at research on video games, the problems around thin evidence and the grand claims it oftentimes makes. He examines what studies of children and gaming actually say – and here’s his list of take-home messages for parents. Christopher is an associate professor of psychology at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. He has written numerous peer-reviewed […]

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Planning and imagining the future on the Isle of Sheppey

Credit: Imagine Sheppey Fast Forward

Thinking about the future can be daunting, especially for those young people who need to decide about their careers and commitments after college. Giulia Carabelli and Dawn Lyon, research associate and principal investigator of the Imagine Sheppey Fast Forward project, University of Kent, discuss what they discovered through exploring how young people living on the […]

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Why study parenting from a media studies perspective?

Credit: Davitydave, CC BY-NC 2.0

Sonia Livingstone discusses how traditional research disciplines have long caused a division of theories, ideas and conversations that fragmented the field. She argues that the internet brings all of these forms of scholarship together and how it makes media studies a potent approach to investigate parenting for a digital future. Sonia is Professor of Social Psychology at LSE’s Department of Media […]

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    Are social networking sites doing enough to keep children safe?

Are social networking sites doing enough to keep children safe?

Guest blogger Julia Fossi, Senior Analyst in the Child Safety Online Team at the NSPCC, explores whether the numerous stakeholders involved in child protection are doing enough to keep children safe in the online world. She introduces a new asset to help parents stay up to date with the latest sites, apps and games, Net Aware. Julia’s work focuses on social networking sites, […]

How parents make the future

Alicia Blum-Ross looks at children’s digital ‘future’, and the ‘intense anxiety’ experienced by some parents in finding a balance between maximising their children’s opportunities and future prospects, and limiting, for example, their ‘screen time’. Alicia is a researcher at the LSE’s Department of Media and Communications. She is interested in youth media production and is part of the Parenting […]

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    Young juries want a fair internet: deliberating over digital rights

Young juries want a fair internet: deliberating over digital rights

Sonia Livingstone recently had the chance to listen to young people deliberate their online rights. Young people, just like adults, are trying to work out the digital environment for themselves and Sonia discusses some of their suggestions, anxieties and frustrations. Sonia is Professor of Social Psychology at LSE’s Department of Media and Communications and has more than 25 years of experience in media research with a particular focus on […]

‘Barbie’: the smart choice of toy?

Robots are already far more pervasive than most people realise, from smart TVs to self-driving cars. As the introduction of ‘Smart Barbies’ could now also be invading our children’s privacy, Wendy M. Grossman explores the impact of such smart technology, and how we must not underestimate its risks. Wendy writes about the border wars between cyberspace and real life. […]

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    What foster and adoptive parents need to know about digital media PART 2: The risks

What foster and adoptive parents need to know about digital media PART 2: The risks

In this second blog looking at digital opportunities and challenges for looked-after children and young people, Alicia Blum-Ross discusses how digitisation may exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, increase the risk of private information becoming more accessible, and challenge the responsibility to make sure children and young people feel protected, secure and that they belong. Alicia is a researcher at the LSE’s […]

What digital tattoos for your children?

Every time we share content online, from tweets and Facebook posts to creating blogs, websites and leaving comments, we contribute to forming our digital identity. Toshie Takahashi finds that in Japan, parents are less involved in teaching their children about the internet. She argues that parents need to overcome their blind spots and become active mediators to help children […]