My friends in Oxford have finally seen their cellar fill up with very nasty flood-water, so they’ve sent their son to stay for a few days. My mate Mark tells me that he is now fed up with news crews following everyone around waiting for the latest heart-rending tale of soaked carpets and ruined lives. “At first it was fun being interviewed all the time”, said Mark, “but now I really want them to p*ss off”. Of course, the good folk of Hull thought everyone ignored them, but now it’s happening in the south East, even us metropolitan media types are taking an interest. For those who, unlike Mark, want to experience the full new media picture of the floods then they should check out the collaboration between the BBC and Google which gives you citizen journalism linked to the Google map. Click on the blue pointers and see photos sent in by BBC viewers. Cheer up Mark, you could be online… Thanks to Jeff Jarvis for pointing out the latest in Networked GeoJournalism.