Feb 9 2009

Citizen sports journalism: photos and text on Twitter

whufc4.jpgExcellent live blogging via Twitter of West Ham’s game against Manchester United. I was there so didn’t really need it, but click here to see how micro-blogging can give you so much more than the score.

whufc2.jpgYou get everything from the pre-match pie and mash (that’s for the fans not Lucas Neil) to the post-match drinks. And then you can continue the debate at the KUMB Online fanzine or watch the goals thanks to Virgin Media highlights website.

whufc1.jpgDissect all the statistics and tactics for yourself with the Guardian’s wonderful (if ultimately pointless) chalkboard application while ploughing through realms of radio, newspaper and digital coverage.

We shall see how good our (sorry, my) national team is on Wednesday against Spain, but certainly British football coverage is amazingly rich, insightful and entertaining. Networked journalism at its very best.

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