How Do You Feel About This?

In a world of disasters and suffering brought to your living room every night or to your laptop every second, who cares? When you see an advert by Action Aid or a leaflet from Oxfam what you do? How do you react when Angelina Jolie or Bono asks for your money or attention for starving children in Africa? We have new research from LSE’s Dr Shani Orgad that will tell us what the public really think about aid appeals.

Join us for a panel debate on Wednesday November 9th at 6.30pm in the LSE Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic building, Lincolns’ Inn Fields.

The speakers are drawn from a wide range of humanitarian marketing:

Brendan Gormley (Disasters Emergency Committe), Lynda Thomas (Macmillan Cancer Support), Rachel Bell (Shine Communications), and Leigh Daynes (Plan UK).

This event is being held in partnership with Plan UK

Hashtag: #LSEPlan