Polis/EBU Research Fellow Nadja Hahn

We all know that using social media like Twitter and having online platforms such as blogs can enhance our journalism. But what if you have a particular public service brief, for example, working for a public service broadcaster?

In some media markets such as Austria, public service broadcasters are not allowed to use social media freely. It is seen as unfair competition for private sector media organisations who want to make money online. But is this realistic or desirable in a digital world?

In a new research project, journalist Nadja Hahn will be looking at the regulations that cover the use of social media by public service broadcasters across Europe. She will be asking what benefits there are for PSB journalists when they can use these new channels or networks. She will also be asking the best way to regulate competition in this area.

Nadja is a business correspondent for ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster and she’ll be coming to Polis, LSE as part of a fellowship supported by the European Broadcasting Union. She’ll be conducting a survey of European PSBs and interviewing a range of UK media people and we’ll hold a research seminar as well.

If you are interested, contact Nadja via Polis@lse.ac.uk

She’s on Twitter as @NadjasNews