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A gentler way to show suffering

Leslie Knott, an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, is co-founder of Tiger Nest Films, and travels to some of the most unstable regions in world. Knott’s shocking and moving films expose viewers to the largely uncovered humanitarian issues such as the refugee crisis. Polis Summer School student Alexandra Kazerounian reports on her talk to the Polis/LSE Journalism Summer School.

Knott’s film, Syria’s Disabled […]

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    Don’t (just) blame the news media for this mess of a campaign

Don’t (just) blame the news media for this mess of a campaign

The EU referendum is putting an historic choice before the British people: but how well has the UK’s news media done in staging the debate and informing the public?

No one can say that the media has not given us enough debate or information to help voters make up their minds. For months, the air waves have been buzzing with […]


Digital Verification: On the Frontline

In the digital race to publish breaking news across social media platforms, Alastair Reid argues that the industry-wide scramble to instantly release new information often bypasses proper source verification. The result: reputable news organizations hastily disseminating outdated (or falsified) photos in association with recent, unrelated events. First Draft News,  where Reid is managing editor, aims to to make digital […]

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    Is Innovation Hurting “Good” Journalism? (Summer School guest blog)

Is Innovation Hurting “Good” Journalism? (Summer School guest blog)

Jasper Jackson, assistant editor for The Guardian’s media section, was the first guest speaker at Polis/LSE’s journalism Summer School with a talk about the driving force of innovation in journalism. Polis Summer School student Valerie Spina reports.

With the innovations of technology over the last 10 years, journalism has seen many changes: first a move to web based media, then […]


Liberalism Trumped. It’s time to listen to the angry mob.

By Charlie Beckett

What I find fascinating about the rise of Donald Trump is not what it says about the US Right, but what it tells us about the liberal/Left’s idealism about democracy.

A similar syndrome is at work in pro-EU elite reaction to the surprisingly strong support for Euroscepticism. It’s not just an anti-right wing thing either. Perhaps the horror of […]