Caring in Crisis – Why development and humanitarian NGOs need to change how they relate to the public

This post was written by Dr Shani Orgad from the Department of Media and Communications at LSE and Dr Bruna Seu, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck.  Ian Birrell, a staunch critic of the humanitarian aid sector, has attacked ‘cash-swollen charities’ for focusing ‘on hitting on an outdated aid target, instead of on results’. Unfortunately, the UK public seems often to share similar sentiments of […]

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The Kashmiri conundrum: why is ‘the world’s largest democracy’ rated so poorly for press freedoms? (guest blog)

As voters go to the polls in Indian-administered Kashmir, freelance journalist Mark Mistry looks at how the Indian media’s treatment of the region’s fiercely disputed status, coupled with violations of press freedoms by the state’s security forces, has contributed to its poor reputation. A recent BBC World Service portrait of India’s press reported that ‘the business of news is killing the profession […]


How to create ethical & effective online social campaigning communications for development

How do you campaign for a cause in an age when there is so much competition for people’s attention and when the challenge is to get people to do more than click their support? It’s vital that anyone doing advocacy – especially online – understands the wider media context and the specific conditions of digital networks. This article was written […]


Strange fascination: image in music and politics Part Two

This is part two of  an essay by, LSE Media PhD student Ruth Garland that explores the links between our experience of  images and political communication. With democracy suffering a crisis of confidence she questions the relationship between images and political meaning through the ages. In the first part she explored the political significance of David Bowie’s images and their relationship with his […]


10 things (so far) that organisations say when they are criticised by journalists and don’t want to deal with the issues raised

The BBC Panorama on charities was not a devastating deconstruction of the sector. It showed that a few (big name) charities are not entirely as ethical as they pretend; that they tend to be rather generous to departing staff (something the BBC should know about); they are potentially swayed by corporate donors; and are not entirely transparent about their investments […]