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    Imagining ‘the other’ – can the media challenge our assumptions?

Imagining ‘the other’ – can the media challenge our assumptions?

This article is by LSE MSc student Tessa Venizelos studying Media, Communication and Development.  

We tend to think of ourselves as part of the majority, the mainstream. We tend to regularly associate with people who think and act like us and who, more or less, share our sense of values. But what if we took ourselves outside of the […]


Media Agenda Talks 2016

Each Autumn Polis invites media practitioners to discuss the latest trends as part of our  Media Agenda Talk series taking place 5pm-6pm every Tuesday in the Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE.

The talks are open to LSE students and the public, no registration required.

Tuesday 27th September
Dorothy Byrne, Head of News and Factual, C4

‘Why Media Matters’

Dorothy Byrne is known for […]

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    Is Innovation Hurting “Good” Journalism? (Summer School guest blog)

Is Innovation Hurting “Good” Journalism? (Summer School guest blog)

Jasper Jackson, assistant editor for The Guardian’s media section, was the first guest speaker at Polis/LSE’s journalism Summer School with a talk about the driving force of innovation in journalism. Polis Summer School student Valerie Spina reports.

With the innovations of technology over the last 10 years, journalism has seen many changes: first a move to web based media, then […]


Reporting Crisis: let’s do it better

This is my introductory speech to the seventh Polis annual journalism conference on 21/4/16: Reporting Crisis. The conference website is here

Our theme today is Reporting Crisis.

And it sometimes feels that we live in a world of permanent crises.

This year the UK news agenda has been dominated by:

A mass forced migration sweeping across borders
A terror movement spawned out of […]


Brussels: reporting the horrible truth

The horrible truth is that ISIS has got what it wanted today: huge publicity for its cause and a dramatic incursion into the consciousness of western publics and politicians. Paradoxically, it has achieved that thanks to our free media. A news media that has covered the Brussels atrocities in extraordinary full and graphic detail, breaking the news with incredible alacrity and […]