• Six year old Shereen and eight year-old Mohammed
    Permalink Six year old Shereen and eight year-old Mohammed, stand in the Syrian town of Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border during the September 2014 refugee influx into southern Turkey ©WFP/Joelle EidGallery

    Strolling down Houghton Street, the war in Syria looks a little less real

Strolling down Houghton Street, the war in Syria looks a little less real

Joelle Eid is an MSc Media and Communications student at LSE.  Prior to that, she acted as spokesperson for the World food Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, covering the Syria crisis.  Follow her on Twitter @joelleeid & Instagram @joweid

If it happened in my backyard, could it suddenly feel like it didn’t?

Wake up […]


“I manage the fear” : being a dissident writer in China

As the UK government receive Chinese president Xi Jinping on his state visit this week, Julia Ziemer and Yanning Huang meet dissident writer Murong Xuecun at Asia House to hear about his experience of challenging authority in today’s China.
“Anyone who lives a successful life in China, you can pretty much guarantee they have no sense of morality.”
So says dissident writer Murong […]


Is Source Protection Dead? A Polis/ Journalistfonden report

In November 2014 Swedish Journalist Carl Fridh Kleberg spent a month at LSE as the Polis/ Journalistfonden Fellow.

His research paper Is Source Protection Dead: Protecting journalists’ sources in a post-Snowden age was the result.

Some of its conclusions are:

The revelations of mass surveillance by Edward Snowden have highlighted the potential threat to the privacy of journalists’ communication and data, calling […]


No place for Silence- Freedom of Expression in Mexico

This article is by Marcela Zendejas (@marcezendejas) and Darío Ramírez (@Dariormrs) – Article19 Mexico


In Mexico, under the current president Enrique Peña Nieto, a journalist is attacked on average every 26 hours. This figure is double that of 48 hours under the former president Felipe Calderon. In the first two years of his administration, Peña Nieto was able to manipulate the […]


Networking across borders: from ancient Greece to today

Imagine a network of people living in different states who acted as intermediaries for other countries, helping to sustain bonds of interest and to reduce conflict. Imagine these were appointed, unlike ambassadors, not by that country but by the people of the other state. Imagine that while this brought some material reward to the intermediary, it was mainly done […]