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Telling the Human Story: A Polis Film

In this short film Telling the Human Story: Reporting Refugees from Lebanon by LSE MSc student Joelle Eid, journalists based in Lebanon talk about how they covered the story of the Syrian refugee crisis from the place it all started and where it continues. They provide insight into the challenges and inspiration they found trying to convey the complexity and […]


Listen: Journalism and Crisis 21 April 2016

Reporting Refugees 
Rossalyn Warren (Buzzfeed), Clarissa Ward (CNN), Kareem Shaheen (Guardian), Milene Larsson (Vice), Anna Masera (La Stampa) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Reporting Terror
Sunny Hundal, Rohit Kachroo (ITV), Secunder Kermani (BBC), Lucy Williamson (BBC), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Independent) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Competing for Compassion? Journalists and NGOs communicating crisis.
Glenda Cooper (Chair), Greg Barrow (WFP), Polly Markandya (MSF) and Monika Kalcsics (ORF Radio)

Between […]

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    LISTEN: Migrants, Terror and the Media debate on 11 February

LISTEN: Migrants, Terror and the Media debate on 11 February

With Lindsey Hilsum (International Editor, Channel 4), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Columnist, Independent), William Wintercross (Photo and Videojournalist, Telegraph) and Matthew Price (Correspondent, BBC Radio 4) and Rossalyn Warren (Reporter, Buzzfeed)

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LISTEN: #PolisTalks 2015

Each Autumn Polis invites media practitioners to discuss the latest trends as part of our yearly Media Agenda Talk series. In this post you can listen to full recordings of these sessions.


Podcast: Sue Turton, independent foreign affairs reporter

Sue Turton, formerly a foreign affairs reporter for Al Jazeera, talked to Polis Summer School on 14 July 2015 about her career, world affairs, and why a journalist should always carry a tourniquet!

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