LISTEN: truth, trust and the news media

On 25 January Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, led a discussion with journalists and media commentators on how news media can cover Trump in a ‘post-truth’ world. Listen to the discussion below.


Brian Stelter

Senior Media Correspondent, CNN

On whether this is a serious crisis for journalists.




John Rentoul

Chief Political Commentator, The Independent

“Post-truth is the wrong term.”




Anne McElvoy

Senior Editor, The Economist

On what is […]


LISTEN: Polis Talks 2016

Listen to our 2016 Polis Talks with guest speakers talking on a range of media topics including Brexit, Trump, Terrorism and Digital Disruption.


Lucy Thomas- Former Deputy Director, Britain Stronger in Europe : ‘Lessons from Remain- Why political campaigns may never be the same again’ (4/10/2016)


Richard Sambrook- Professor of Journalism, Cardiff University: ‘Fairness, Balance and the Assault on Reason'(11/10/2016)


Rebecca Skellett- Institute for Strategic Dialogue […]

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Listen: Polis Summer School Podcasts

This June, Polis hosted speakers from across the media to talk about their insights in to topics including new trends, positive news, investigative reporting and reporting humanitarian crises.

Jodie Jackson from the Constructive Journalism Project on her insights into the psychological benefits of consuming more ‘constructive’ news.

Kieran Yates- Freelance Journalist and Editor on her route into journalism through unconventional means

Leslie Knott, a […]


LISTEN: New Impact Summit 2016

Panama Papers, Data and Investigation

Gerard Ryle, Director, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
Juliette Garside, Business Reporter, The Guardian UK
James Oliver, Investigative Journalist for Panorama, BBC

Moderator: Mar Cabra, Head of the Data & Research Unit, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
Co-organised by ICIJ

Politics, Propaganda and Bots: The Changing Nature of Cyber Warfare

Raphael Satter, Journalist, The Associated Press

Samuel Woolley, […]

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Listen: Journalism and Crisis 21 April 2016

Reporting Refugees 
Rossalyn Warren (Buzzfeed), Clarissa Ward (CNN), Kareem Shaheen (Guardian), Milene Larsson (Vice), Anna Masera (La Stampa) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Reporting Terror
Sunny Hundal, Rohit Kachroo (ITV), Secunder Kermani (BBC), Lucy Williamson (BBC), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Independent) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Competing for Compassion? Journalists and NGOs communicating crisis.
Glenda Cooper (Chair), Greg Barrow (WFP), Polly Markandya (MSF) and Monika Kalcsics (ORF Radio)

Between […]

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