Why Journalists Should Talk About Geography

This article is by Polis Summer School student Paul Sorbo (@PaulJSorbo) on a talk given by Tim Marshall at the LSE to launch his book ‘Prisoners of Geography’

Former foreign correspondent Tim Marshall thinks we need to get our maps out more when we report on international affairs. In his new book he argues that politicians and generals are often ‘Prisoners of […]

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    “We should have different voices with different perspectives”

“We should have different voices with different perspectives”

This article is by Polis Summer School student Bonny Astor on the guest talk given by Samantha Asumadu (@honestlyAbroad) founder of Media Diversified (@WritersofColour)

Samantha Asumadu – founder of Media Diversified – is admittedly combative on social media; but she’s also extremely effective.

Samantha Asumadu @ Polis Summer School 2015 from Polis Video on Vimeo.

“The higher you get up the chain of media […]


The possibilities of positive news

When Danielle Batist (@DanielleBatist) came to visit the Polis Summer School, she sparked some positive reactions  from the students. Here are some of the reflections:

Emma Gelbjerg-Hanen (@EmmaGelbjerg): “No news is good news, and good news is no news. At least that’s what they say. But is it really? Freelance journalist Danielle Batist disagrees. She argued that there are always two […]


The world according to Buzzfeed

This article is by  student Bonny Astor on a talk given by Paul Hamilos (@PaulHamilos), World Features Editor, Buzzfeed speak at the Polis Summer School
“There are stories everywhere” – but to find and report them effectively, modern journalists need diverse skills and a strong imagination.”
Paul Hamilos – Buzzfeed’s world features editor – is an expert on digital journalism, but he’s also […]


Victims and Perpetrators

This article is by Dr Bart Cammaerts 

There is something striking (pun intended) about the current reporting by the UK media on the disruptive actions enacted by ferry employees in Calais. There has been little or no attention in the UK media for the reasons why the employees of the Ferry company MyFerryLink got so angry that they felt it necessary to […]