French journalists have won back their gatekeeping function

Ndeye Diobaye, a French national with Senegalese and Malian origins, is an MSc candidate in Politics and Communications at LSE. Ndeye graduated from Sciences Po Paris and worked for French publications Le Monde and Courrier International. Prior to coming to the LSE she worked in communications for CANAL+ in France and in the Congo. She tweets and instagrams @spellitndeye.

On Friday […]


The mobile newsroom: FT evolving for 21stC readers

By LSE MSc student Hanna Morris 

“This is evolution, not revolution.”

“Today everybody is in the content business,” says Lionel Barber, editor of the FT giving the annual Polis journalism lecture at LSE. “But we offer smart journalism with global reach.” Barber had no doubts about the value Financial Times offers his readers making  clear that  readership is on the rise. […]


How digital spaces can disrupt the media landscape

Galvanised by online success that has rooted them in like-minded audiences who share the experiences of life that they depict in their work, neither poet nor filmmaker is prepared to compromise.


Making News for the New World

This is a transcript of a speech given by Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times for the Polis Public Lecture on Thursday 12 November at LSE

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, good evening. Or as we say in Japanese: Konbanwa.

Thank you, Professor Charlie Beckett, Polis and the LSE for inviting me to deliver this prestigious lecture. You and your […]

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    The Death of Consortium Network TV debates in Canada’s 42nd General Election

The Death of Consortium Network TV debates in Canada’s 42nd General Election

Johanna Quinney is an MSc Student in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. She previously served as the Spokesperson and Press Secretary for Canada’s Ministers’ of National Defence and Foreign Affairs. @Johanna_Quinney
On Monday, Canadians will head to the polls to conclude one of the most exciting national election campaigns in recent history. Apart from its extraordinary length (78 […]

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